Vote Mike Anthony 2018

Vote Mike Anthony 2018

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My Personal Message To You

"During this campaign you’ll hear lots of big promises and impossible promises. I only offer you ONE promise - you give me your vote, I will give you my best. Every time, after considering all sides of an issue.

I’m not here to raise your taxes or slash your services. I am here to unlock the power of the private sector, to push for sustainable costs while doing it, and to support small business. I want to help create the climate that helps create the jobs - and the affordability - so that you, your sons and daughters, and your grandkids, can prosper here in North Bay."

Mike Anthony,
June 2018

Reasons Your Vote For Me Matters

    • I believe that sometimes people see city hall as "us versus them". I see myself as a representative of average citizens, and I’m trying to find ways to improve the community and balance the costs of doing so.
    • I respect our staff, their expertise, and their opinion… but community reaction and input is also important, so your opinion and feedback is always considered.
    • I believe in good customer service - I strive return calls/emails to citizens within 24 hours whenever possible.
    • While I have been fighting for several years for more sustainability in our taxes and infrastructure spending, I am definitely NOT one who sees doom & gloom. I celebrate the fact that this is a GREAT city.
    • In fact, I have written over 70 good news freelance articles in local media (2016 - 2017), celebrating success stories in North Bay. I wrote about things like expansions of existing businesses, and new business opening, as well as interesting industry leaders and innovators.
    • As well, I believe in the PEOPLE of our community. YOU are truly what makes North Bay special. I believe in our heroes so much so that I’ve devoted many mornings volunteering as an "on air" goodwill ambassador, tracking down & honouring over 100 hometown heroes live on a local radio station on a weekly basis.
    • North Bay is a wonderful place with great potential, & I’m truly "North Bay Proud." Belief in our community is one of the prime drivers of my decision to run again.
    • While I’m positive and optimistic, I believe that a growing segment of our community - citizens as well as businesses - are facing tougher economic challenges and struggles.
    • While I have seen progress in lower tax increases, at least partly in response to my continually pushing for our spending to be more sustainable, I still believe we still need to be fiscal-first, and watch every dime as we move forward.
    • I’m not afraid to stand up for what I believe in - or to be the lone councillor on an issue. For example, in my time on council, I’ve voted against 6 municipal budgets while supporting at least 10 others. It’s not easy to stand alone or be first on an important issue, but I’m up for the job.
    • I believe the next 4 years, with some large expenditures on the horizon, will require a voice that advocates for balance between new projects & growth, and your ability to pay.
    • Although I believe we have challenges, and I address them, I am NEVER negative. I am one of the most positive, passionate, prolific boosters of North Bay.
    • Whether I agree or disagree with fellow councillors I always treat them with respect, and dignity. I understand the democratic process, and believe in the motto that "if you lose a vote, move on." Holding grudges does nothing for the city. We have too much hostility around our council chamber.
    • We need a return to a positive overall atmosphere and a return to decorum. We've had too many people, presenters and councillors attacking each other. I believe we need to get back to respectful democracy!


While every candidate has many hopes and goals, here are a handful of real, meaningful things I think we can gain traction on, as a community, over the next 4 years. Here’s my 10 point platform.

  1. ONLINE & E-COMMERCE ENTREPRENEURS: We could put special focus on attracting the kind of modern, connected, online professionals who can work from anywhere. Of course we will try to attract new business that need lots of staff, but the world is changing. We also need to focus on the new online experts and e-commerce entrepreneurs who can work from anywhere. These people will be more and more of the workforce - how can we get them to appreciate North Bay’s quality of life and move here? They can work from anywhere, so why not here in beautiful North Bay?
  2. ENGAGE MILLENNIALS: Never has there been a generation so engaged with improving the environment and social needs of the community, while being so tech savvy. I believe we need to create a committee to engage, hear from, and include millennials to ensure they are part of moving our city forward. I will put this idea forward for council approval.
  3. BALANCE AGE DEMOGRAPHICS: We have to do more to balance both ends of the age spectrum. Students at the college & university bring millions to the local economy, and I believe there’s untapped potential and economic benefit to us being even MORE senior friendly. While we dont want to be strictly a retirement town, we can attract seniors from up north wanting to be closer to kids in the "big city", and we can attract seniors from down south who cannot afford the GTA.
  4. FOCUS ON FERRIS: We need to ensure that the community improvement plans (funds that support business) become available to the Ferris area. That part of our city is in need of revitalization. We already have community improvement plans for the downtown core, the airport lands, and brownfield lands - Ferris is due for similar support.
  5. SELLING OURSELVES BETTER: Here’s one great example: we can do better in taking advantage of the spin-offs of sport tourism. We talk about the money spent in hotels and restaurants, but we need to think beyond the visit. When those families are here for hockey, or soccer, or robotics, we need to have an affordable “North Bay sales piece” (pamphlet or folder) handed out to all those visiting adults. Who knows what connections they have, or businesses they own?
  6. GRAB OPPORTUNITIES OF BEING A CROSSROADS CITY: We can look to our “stop-over visitors” to become extended stay or repeat visitors. I believe you’ll find that our hotels are often filled with travellers, who pretty much stop here to get a break from the highways, while on their way to somewhere else. They are stop-over visitors. But there must be simple messaging or information we can provide to get them to consider if they will “Stay a day in the Bay”, or better yet “Come back to the Bay”? We could spearhead to work on this with area hotels and restaurants, the museum, the Capitol Centre, the DIA, the Dionne Quints Board, and more.
  7. CONTINUING TO SUPPORT THE FILM & TELEVISION INDUSTRY IN NORTH BAY: Think about the potential! Less than a decade ago, this was virtually a non-existent factor in our local economy. In 2016 we saw 127 filming days in our city, & direct spending of $8.9 million. In 2017 that jumped to 268 filming days and a whopping $22.7 million spent in the community! We need to find ways to continue to attract production crews while ensuring filming isn’t too disruptive to residential and business activity.
  8. AFFORDABILITY & ABILITY TO PAY: I believe we must maintain a focus on sustainability, and ability to pay for the taxpayer - we need to understand spending isn’t limitless, and the middle class is shrinking and struggling.
  9. FIND THE BALANCE TO STILL INVEST IN THE FUTURE: We must still balance that fiscal-first viewpoint with sound investment where it matters, and where it is warranted. When it is prudent, we must still invest in new ideas and the future.
  10. IMPROVED ACCESSIBILITY & BEING AGE-FRIENDLY: We’ve made progress in this area, but there is still a long way to go. One thing that has taught me a lot is serving for a number of years on MAAC - the Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee. While councillors serve on a number on committees, I will specifically seek to serve again on MAAC.

Past Performance

I believe past performance is the best indicator of future action. Here are some highlights of what I’ve been up to during the past term of North Bay City Council.


I live in the Pinewood area with my wife Tanya, in a 100 year old home on Jane Street.. For the past decade I’ve worked in marketing and communications, primarily at Sofa Communications. This gives me the chance to work with local businesses of all sizes, and truly understand the great things the employers and organizations of our community are capable of, as well as the challenges they face.

Prior to that I had worked in the employment and education field, with a non-profit agency. I marketed their programs to businesses and taught hundreds of workshops. Connecting with job seekers and employers gave me a great grasp of economic development issues, as well as business retention and expansion.

In the 90’s I worked as a reporter, and a morning show co-host in local radio. This gave me a true understanding of the issues our city faces, as well as the challenges Northern Ontario is up against.

Along the way I also taught at the local community college, worked with seniors groups, and did freelance writing for a variety of clients, formats and media.

University & College Graduate, lover of books, movies, step-kids, step-grand-kids, and our 2 wonderful roommates, Dax the Dachshund (9lb mini-wiener dog) & Walter White the Black Cat (not so little, & very vocal), a rescued Bombay Cat (look it up, they are like mini-panthers!)

Community Involvement & Volunteer Work